Latest Blog How To Hire A Real Estate App Development Company In Dubai, UAE

How To Hire A Real Estate App Development Company In UAE

As Dubai strives to become the most digitalized of this world, it constantly adopts new technological features and functionalities in its industries to exceed customer satisfaction. The cutting-edge and groundbreaking innovations of Dubai have also expanded to their real estate market where they continue to provide immersive user experiences to their clients for a personalized home-buying process.

Here is a glimpse into the real estate market of the UAE

  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is expected to gain about $71 trillion U.S. dollars in its real estate market by the end of year, 2024.
  • The residential real estate market is predicted to reach a value of US$0.41 trillion by 2024.
  • Whereas, the commercial real estate market is to be forecasted at US$3.7.10 billion by 2024.

This booming real estate growth has been given a new meaning through mobile apps where buyers can visually tour their properties beforehand.

An Ultimate Guide: How To Hire A Real Estate App Development Company

Custom real estate app development companies have made this process of high-end development much easier. With a strong tech stack and the latest features, you can easily create an exclusive real estate mobile app that meets all of your requirements to stay ahead in this competitive market.

Here are a few steps that will get you started with your hiring process.

1.      Perform Complete Market Analysis

As an entrepreneur, the first step in your real estate app development process should be to perform comprehensive research on your industry. You can search about:

  • Your competitors, their strengths, and weaknesses
  • Present and future Industry trends or features
  • Potential opportunities to exploit and take advantage of
  • Research online directories for reviews and feedback
  • Online blogs and articles about popular tech stacks and models

2.      Choose Your Development Model

Next, you have to decide upon the app development model for your real estate app. The appropriate app model for your app is going to further limit your choice of real estate app developers in the UAE to reach out to. Some of the most popular app models that you can choose from are:

3.      Define Your Goals And Requirements

Writing down clear goals and requirements for your app will keep you focused on your objectives and will also assist in finding the right app development company. This will also help in conveying your idea more clearly to app developers and determine if they align with your goals or not. Some of the points to note are:

●        Budget

You should have a clear idea about the budget and expenses you are willing to spend on your mobile app development process.

●        Features

The more complex features you are going to include in your app, the higher their price will be. So, note this wisely according to your app type.

●        User Experience

You should know about the exact user experience your app should be able to deliver to your targeted audience.

4.      Shortlist The Best Companies

Once you have constructed a clear list of the goals and requirements for your real estate mobile app, the next step should be to start looking for companies. Now you can start to shortlist companies according to your industry, development model, and requirements.

Moreover, budget is also an essential feature so look for companies that offer budget-friendly tailored packages according to your needs.

5.      Factors To Look For In Companies

These factors will further help you in shortlisting and finding an appropriate real estate app development company in Dubai, these are:

●        Experience

Industry experience is another important thing. The company you are choosing should already know about all the recent trends and features to deliver an innovative real estate app with deep knowledge and know-how about the Dubai app market.

●        Tech Stack

Tech Stack is a powerful tool that can make or break an app’s future. The right real estate app development company will hold a strong tech stack. They should be able to build a seamless interface for your app to provide an immersive user experience.

●        Post-support

The post-support feature of mobile app development companies is extremely crucial. The company you are working with should provide ongoing support and maintenance even after the launch of your app for continued assistance.

●        Pricing Models

You should learn about all the pricing strategies and approaches they offer along with any hidden charges or costs. Moreover, you should also discuss the pricing variability and charges beforehand and insist on tailor-made packages according to your requirements.

●        Communication

Communication is an essential skill that every good app development company in Dubai will hold. Conduct extensive meetings and interviews and note their level of attention and responsiveness to your requirements and goals.

●        Collaboration

Discuss their process of collaboration and the amount of transparency they offer in it. Analyzing how they work with their clients, their efficiency in solving problems, the measures they take, etc tells a lot about the company.

6.      Send Quotes Or Ask For RFPs

Examine the complete portfolio of your clients and their future real estate mobile app projects. A strong portfolio and successful projects will show their capability and skills in the app development process. Moreover, also note the methods and processes they use in their app construction process.

After this, you can send them quotes or requests for proposals which will help in building effective communication with your app developers. This way you can ask for physical interviews and sessions to further finalize your decision on hiring them.

List Of Top 5 Real Estate App Development Companies Of Dubai, UAE

Provided below is a complete list of the top app development companies in Dubai that are known for their exceptional real estate app development services.


ABTACH DMCC is a full-fledged app development company that provides unparalleled app development services to its clients in Dubai. They have already delivered many real estate apps to the mobile market of Dubai with the most latest features and a strong tech stack.

2.      Blink22

Blink22 is another well-established app development company in Dubai that utilized advanced technology in the development process of their app. They are dedicated to their every project and strive to provide them with unique and creative app ideas for their businesses.

3.      TechGropse

TechGropse is a leading app development company that has empowered many real estate businesses to achieve their goals and objectives. Their services and IT team strive to provide success-driven results while maintaining strict security measures in their mobile apps.

4.      DXB Apps

DXB Apps is your go-to destination for all types of real estate apps. They incorporate features like virtual tours and smart home features that buyers can easily view through their app. Their main focus is to provide a worthwhile user experience through their apps.

5.      Appinventiv

Appinventiv is a budget-friendly app development company in Dubai that provides tailor-made packages to businesses. They offer all types of frameworks and app development models to their clients along with the latest features and functionalities.

Concluding Remarks!

In order to create a successful real estate app, it is important to build an effective development strategy that can help you stay focused. If you are in Dubai, then you should perform comprehensive research on their real estate app industry before diving into this process.

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