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As an Online seo auditing we hold the expertise in dealing all SEO matters, be it White Label seo audit or black hat SEO auditing. You will find a complete service package with us. Over the years, we have earned an incredible experience therefore it allows us to make your journey the best. ABTACH DMCC is an affordable seo audit agency where we keenly work on all matters.

SEO Audit Company for Your Next Level Growth

ABTACH DMCC UAE is removing all the barriers that have been ruining your business reach and engagement. Our digital experts will get back the ranking you have earned so far in your journey. Using the best practices and techniques your website will gain its traffic back and your business will thrive like before.

Our services are spread across the globe offering our valuable time and services. Your company’s visibility is in our hands; we will set up a team of digital professionals for you to share your concerns. Set back and relax while the seo specialists are doing what they are best at; SEO audit services.

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What We Tackle In Your SEO Audit Service

Our SEO professionals will carry out all the best practices to make sure your website is free from ranking drops, broken links, crawlability issues, slow load time, unmanaged indexing, and poor site structure. We help you out in gaining maximum traffic and high bounce rates. All you are required of is trust our specialists and wait for guaranteed results.

Our SEO experts perform all the necessary auditing with a 100% transparent approach. We observe your website’s off-page, on-page SEO, and technical SEO to check what is working for you. In this way, we produce a step-by-step plan employing the finest SEO strategies.

SEO Audit Services - What We Promise

Our SEO auditing comprises the below-mentioned services that we are offering to our clients. Your website will function smoothly and get back to its usual progress.

Technical Seo Auditing

We optimize all the pages of your website so that it can have organic research. The goal is to make the website function according to Google’s guidelines and policies for better engagement. All those elements that are affecting the page’s SEO are sorted.

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Keyword Research

Well revise all the keywords that have been used in the content and add the most targeted ones to be visible on SERPs.

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On-Page Seo

This allows us to maximize your visibility by optimizing the site’s SEO and updating it according to the new techniques. We optimize the website according to the algorithm set by famous search engines.

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Off-Page Seo

Off-page services include looking after the best SEO practices that can maintain and make the website rank through activities outside of the site. Its importance is retained and Google will analyze your counts of links.

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Keyword Gap Analysis

This strategy allows us to analyze the keywords that gain high traffic and drive more revenue. We will look after the metrics to maintain the potential of your business website.

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Content Audit

Our SEO content audit involves the process where our SEO audit experts look after the errors in the content and URLs. This is important when our client’s website is facing low reach and traffic. This helps in a better user experience too.

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Page Speed Testing

Here our SEO expert optimize the loading speed and make the website load faster than ever for a better user experience.

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Competitor Analysis

We aim to make sure you stand out of the crowd and for that, your site will be maintained and monitored so that it can rank better than the competitors.

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URL Equity

All the potential issues related to URLs are evaluated for better performance. SEO professionals at ABTACH DMCC perform an evaluation based on how the optimization is done and how it can be done better for high-ranking.

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Optimized Websites And Organic Growth Why Do You Need ABTACH DMCC UAE?

We are transforming businesses for the betterment of their future. Our services will allow you to have end-to-end support from SEO experts available 24/7. Our customer support team is available to sort your queries at any hour of the day.

Our SEO Audit Service Process

ABTACH DMCC Dubai is here to assist with your website's issues. From improving website ranking to expanding reach, we have you covered.



Our SEO consultants will schedule a meeting to discuss what is our plan and how we can help our clients optimize their websites.


Identify The Areas

Next, we will identify the areas such as indexing, backlinks, site architecture, keywords, and all-over user experience.



After analyzing the important areas, we will perform the SEO auditing and start evaluating the website. Our SEO audit solutions will definitely get you your desired results.



Your website will be monitored and maintained throughout the session so that we can look after the results.

Tailoring Your Digital Needs Since A Decade

Providing detailed SEO auditing services with the latest solutions that can help you with long-term success. Our goal is to ensure that your website is optimized as per Google and other famous search engine standards. We build successful content strategies and also suggest to our clients how they can improve their website’s content using modern-day requirements.

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In the SEO Audit process, we carry out techniques to modify the formerly done SEO services on the client’s website. We optimize the website using the latest advancements in SEO for better engagement and organic growth.

Our costs are surprisingly low, however, so for an estimate you can schedule a meeting or have a quick call. Either way, we need our clients to share all the details so that we can discuss the factors that can affect the SEO audit cost.

Yes, our clients can read the SEO audit that we do for them. Our SEO specialists display the score so that you can check and monitor how the website is optimized.

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