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The world is inspired by action-packed or intense games. Have you thought how are you going to develop your game? We are a leading game app development company providing their services for interactive games in 2D and 3D. stop here and get inspiring vivid graphics, and immersive gameplay, with mind-blowing storylines.

A Stop Solution for Fascinating Game App Development Services

ABTACH DMCC brings you a golden opportunity to get the most advanced game apps with the latest and unique features. Our game app developers are enthusiastic and dedicated to their work and offer quality game apps. We are a Dubai-based gaming app development company that aims to help you grow and establish successful and award-winning game apps. Our game app developers build games by integrating the latest technology and making your investment worth each penny.

Our professionals focus on establishing a competitive environment and creating game apps by realizing the need of the hour. To stand out in the gaming industry, game app development companies need to come up with result-driving strategies. We have maestros on board that can build challenging games for you. So, with that being said you can contact our experts for the best game app development services in UAE.

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Engaging, Electrifying, and Exemplary Game App Service In the UAE

We are delivering powerful game apps that are second to none when it comes to animation and graphics. Our innovative ideas and concepts make the game app engaging and drive the attention of the players. To make games fascinating our game app developers add dynamic visual effects that enhance the user experience.

Features are the key element of any game app, and we adhere to this thoroughly. We use attention-grabbing graphics, sound effects, VFX, and low latency, to make the game app excellent at all levels. We are up-to-date and aware of all the latest trends and technology to make a robust game app. Our developers and researchers follow them no matter what platform the game is developed for.

We Can Build All Kinds Of Game App For You

To make sure the users get a jaw-dropping gaming experience without any pause, we can architect hard-core games for all types of platforms. Whether you are looking for a hyper-casual game app, casual game app, mid-core game app, or idle game app. We have a huge team of developers that have years of experience in building the most exceptional kinds of game apps for you.

Integrating All The Latest Trends Into Our Game App Development Services

Cross-Platform Development

ABTACH DMCC has upgraded to Cross-Platform app development. We can develop game apps for cross-platforms so that our clients can earn from multiple platforms and players can download the game app on console, PC, and mobile devices.

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Cloud Gaming

This is another trend that we have put light on as it is the fastest growing trend as players of the modern world demand game apps that are compatible with all types of devices.

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Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is another demand of the hour and we have masterminds creating a game app for mobile devices as well. Developers at ABTACH DMCC can develop any sort of mobile game with a trouble-free game mechanism.

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Blockchain Technology

To make sure the player’s transactions are saved, blockchain technology is used to decentralize the gaming experience. Our game app developers can enable this technology for securer in-app purchases and prevent any possible fraud.

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Strategies for A Successful

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How We Create The Best Game Apps At Our Company

Businesses are among the most potential clients for Android App Development. They come up with unique ideas and look for right-off-the-bat solutions. When our clients join us, we treat them like a part of us and call them the ABTACH family.

How We Create The Best Game Apps At Our Company

ABTACH DMCC is a leading Dubia-based game app development company ranked amongst the best firms globally. We are providing the latest technology game apps developed with a qualitative approach so that we can deliver the services you demand and can afford.

We aim to transform your business; all you need is to trust us with your game app development without blinking an eye.


Stand-up Meetings

We conduct meetings frequently so you and us are on the same page. The meetings are carried out between the project management team and you.



From beginning to end, we firmly believe in keeping all loops connected on every update on every change.


Features Planning

Consultation is an integral part of the Android app development process. Hence the ABTACH DMCC team prioritizes conducting this phase and lets clients know how we work.


A/B Testing

We know at times clients like to have modifications in their apps. Our team does not ignore the demands of any type and try their fullest to approve them.


Launch and Turnover

Lastly, we launch the game app using the best approach to make sure our client is fully aware of the outcomes.

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All Android App Development Solutions – What to Expect from Us

Targets the Right Market

First of all, it is important to understand the market to hit the nail on the bud. We analyze each stat and data to know the target audience so the app falls right into place and reaches the users.

Crafting businesses Face

Our Android app developers take up the challenge of giving businesses an identity to build up the way to making a strong presence at the forefront of the market.

Attractive Designs

Designs make an app stand out in the market, and companies demand exclusive app designs. ABTACH DMCC Android app developers work full fledged in making intuitive designs.

App Store Optimization

ASO has been a top considered element in the Android app development process. However, ABTACH DMCC DMCC app development clans apply such strategies making the app rank in the first place of the Google Play Store.

Offering Top-Quality Game App Development Services at Low Cost

ABTACH DMCC knows how to make clients leave with contentment. This is because we offer them game app development solutions at amazingly low prices. We talk to our clients and come with a price point that suits everyone.

The cost of game app development entirely depends on the clients and the industry they belong to. Considering the cost, it varies on what kind of game app the clients ask for. Our plans are all-inclusive of pre- and post-development costs, designs, complexity type, and the platform you want the game app to run on.

Swift Process Of The Game App Development

We have divided the process of app development into five phases for quicker delivery of the project. The model we have chosen for the swift production of apps is the RAD model. This is a cost-effective approach that we use to develop digital products using a strict set of rules. So, to have a win-win situation between our clients and developers.

Increase Your IPM With Game App Marketing Consultation

Our tech-savvies are creating game apps intending to make them rule all devices. You are not just getting a game app; we also offer marketing consultation to make sure your app gets the downloads it deserves. We accommodate businesses with the best result-driving approaches to increase your game app IPM

This is how we scale your game app development process on all the app stores. The more IPM the higher the chances of impressions and traffic on the game app.

This Is How We Upsurge ASO App Store Optimization

Whether it is related to the game app development process or ASO, we can do it all to make the app successful. There is no limit to creativity and hard work when it comes to developing quality game apps at our game App Development Agency.

Providing you with the best solutions to make your app visible to a large audience. Developing an engaging game app is just the beginning of the process, making it visible on the app stores and top results is what matters to us. Using the right tactics to rank the mobile game applications on Google Play, iTunes, and Windows Store).

Discuss Your Venture With Us Will Come Up With The Best Solutions

Android/iOS Game App Development Design UI/UX

We have a team of profound professionals conducting extensive user-centered research on the design of the game app. This involves calculating what the audience is demanding in a game app. Our designers are skilled and experienced in using the powerful Wireframe for game app development and create the most attention gripping designs to suffice the app users.

We do our best to satisfy the game app users and go beyond their expectations of a game app. Our designers take into notice all the essential elements to improve the UX/UI of the game app.

There is no point in designing a UI if the users are not taken into consideration, their interaction is what matters and makes the UI of the game app successful. Our designers can develop a perfectly executed UI that adds value to the game app.

Game App Monetization With ABTACH DMCC

For businesses, game app development is not just about creating thrilling and exciting games but there is more. We consider game app monetization in the earliest stage as it allows the client to generate a valuable amount of revenue.

Our developers follow the four models of game app monetization that involves in-app advertising, in-app purchase, subscription, and paid. With the blend of all four methods, we create the most result-driving ways to earn from the game app.

They make the most of the mixed game app monetization strategy so that our clients can stream revenues from multiple methods.

What We Do to Make The Game App Rule The Screens

We know how to create amazing game apps within a low budget. Despite the affordable prices we offer, we are delivering game apps that clients can wish for. Our professional developers and designers have years of experience in creating lightweight game apps, that have easy controls, consume less memory, have soothing sound effects, and have eye-catching graphics with real-time sceneries. Together we build apps that portray a good environment for the players because that is what we conducted in user-generated research.

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Game apps can generate a tremendous amount of money through pop-up advertising or free reward watch videos and subscriptions.

A game app usually consumes quite an hour, however, on average it can take 20-25 days.

There are many on the list but some of the best mobile development software is Unity, GameMaker Studio 2, Autodesk, and GDevelop.

The quite popular programming language used for game development is C++, JAVA, Python, and JavaScript.

For game development, we use Python as it is the most popular used programming language, and C# is another widely used language for game development.

Python is the best choice when it comes to developing games as it is powerful and the most versatile programming language.

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