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We work on an inclusive model therefore we work on valuable app development. We rely on working with different tools and technologies. ABTACH DMCC works on a unique model, we do repeat features and functionalities, but they are created differently for each app. This asks us to work intricately on each app. We look for unique value propositions and tailor each app to have its identity. Our app development inspires by working on every possibility through innovative solutions. Working with various brands we assure you that you will have a recognizable app.

What Makes Us a Great APP Development Company?

Everyday human activity is highly influenced by mobile apps and is now an indispensable part of our lives. The market for app development is continuously growing. It is valuable to businesses for their growth or in generating revenue. A well-designed app allows one to stay ahead of the curve, and build trust with the target audience.

It is easy to get carried away with the thought of developing an app. It is not easy as it may seem to choose the right type of app. It is better to leave it in the hands of experts. Mobile app development requires a vivid imagination to bring creative ideas into a real face. At ABTACH DMCC we have indulged in all kinds of Mobile App Development Services.

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Working On the Principles of Credibility and Finesse

We are Dubai based and working on paving the way in app development to transform businesses and make their name across industries. We have collected a great team that works to offer full-stack Mobile App Development Services. We are based in the UAE, but we are gradually spreading our services.

We have been involved in this industry for the longest tenure in every domain of app development. Our Mobile App Development Solutions are designed based on some principles we never deviate from. ABTACH DMCC takes its projects with full responsibility to deliver sound and reliable results. For this purpose, our Mobile app developers formulate top-notch software techniques and carefully implement software development kits.

The Enormous Industry of Mobile App Development – What to Expect from Us

The ABTACH DMCC Mobile App Development Company comes with the idea to diversify and craft Custom Mobile App Development solutions. Our solutions do not stop us from experimenting in any arena of app development. Our Dubai-based Mobile App Development Company is well aware of the intricacies of app development.

Whether it is about the type of app, framework, or choosing an operating system for the app we cover every area. Our Mobile App Development Service is based on taking one step at a time. We initiate the Mobile app development process by understanding the client’s perspective, later we move to programming their apps.

  • Android and iOS App Development
  • Consulting and Mockups
  • Native and Cross-Platform Apps
  • Mobile app Redesigns
  • Blockchain App Development
  • Manual and Automated App Testing
  • App Maintenance
  • AI-induced Apps

Projects We Work On – Covering a Versatile Mobile App Development Company

We understand every business has its challenges to tackle. As a Mobile App Development Company in Dubai, we work on creating customized solutions for every business. Since app development has become versatile you need to meet the market need to empower your business and identity brand individually.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

To create cost-effective apps, we are working on developing hybrid app development. Hybrid apps are compatible with both Android and iOS and Windows. We use a single code base for hybrid apps, and you can expect us to add some robust features to the app.

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Native App Development

If you need an app for a specific operating system Native apps are a good choice. Native apps are built for one operating system however, can be used for other platforms without the need for modification. ABTACH DMCC has a full fledged service for native app development.

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Cross-Platform App Development

To make an app work with multiple and major operating systems and app developers deploy the same code for Android and iOS. Becoming a top app development type, we vigorously develop cross-platform apps.

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Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are built on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They are implemented with modern APIs with the functionality to work offline. We also facilitate the development of PWA in our Custom Mobile App Development. Businesses and clients can have an elite progressive web from our expert developers.

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Web App Development

We leverage and style our app development service through cutting-edge technology. With our diverse skill set in creating diverse apps, we cater to web app development services in UAE. By creating the app with a single code base, it can run on multiple platforms.

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Wearable Application Development

To cater to the diverse needs of clients we have enlarged our services by enabling wearable app development. Our expert Mobile app developers obey user expectations and create wearable apps for smart devices. From crafting an idea to implementing its API we do it all.

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Fulfilling Every Demand from You – We Cater to You Competently

ABTACH DMCC Mobile App Development Services in Dubai UAE, we are forces behind developing exceptional apps and customized solutions. Due to the influx of apps being developed, businesses expect to have an edge over the others. Therefore, we apply a competitive, yet positive approach to passing all stages of app development successfully.

ABTACH DMCC Mobile App Development Services acknowledged the growing market of mobile app development and the ever-evolving landscape. So, partner with us to move from a typical unconventional approach to contemporary app development solutions in Dubai.

So, How Do We Treat Clients?


Exploration and Assistant

Beginning from step 1, we go through the demands of our clients and explore what solutions could be implemented to the app. It also includes studying the target audience, stats, formations of bides, and more.


Brainstorming and Planning

At step 2 of our app development process, we brainstorm and try to keep every piece together. We plan a strategic path into app development and move to the design process by creating a prototype of the app.



Step 3 is among the most crucial step when we are in the middle of our project. Our mobile app developers keenly work in this phase that includes all parties such as the frontend and backend. The designers pitch their designs and update the development status.


Testing, Testing, and Testing

Step 4 allows us to move ahead in the project and try out all features of the apps. The quality assurance team pools their contribution and applies attentive app testing.


Launching and Maintenance

For step 5 our app development process we launch our app and follow all the guidelines and laws of app stores. The app is launched and we finally launch and strive for a way to maintain it throughout.

Covering A Wide Area for Transforming Businesses and Industries

Discover the astounding Mobile App Development Solutions in Dubai and Sharjah with ABTACH DMCC. Serving various industries we have left an open house in allowing every market to work with us. We prepare app development projects for iOS or Android from a dynamic angle with boundless innovation in creativity. We honor industries that work with us and are looking to make a name.

Apps leave a significant impact on businesses and allow them to grow exponentially. If you are a new business in town and are missing out on having an app, here is your chance to become a part of ABTACH DMCC for powerful apps with decent Mobile app development cost.

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We hear our client's requirements to give them a quotation. We understand that app development cost depends on several factors. At ABTACH DMCC mobile app development company we look at whether the app is a simple, content-managed app, or an eCommerce app.

Considering all these we make sure to find a range that could cover all expenses. The basic cost of an app at ABTACH is $4000 - $40,000.

Why Do You Need ABTACH DMCC as Your Ultimate Mobile App Development Company

Before we work on the Mobile app development process, there are certain steps we take. From technology workshops to study the behind the process such as the infrastructure and architecture of the app, we follow many steps. After working on frontend and backend development the app developers work on the list for following the app development cycle.

Custom App Development Services

Our Mobile App Development Agency does not limit itself to delivering services. We look to create innovative apps and allow a personalized experience for users. Hence, we deal in custom mobile app development services with our Android and iOS apps.

A Systematic Team of Developers

From a full-stack app developer to a quality assurance team we have stacked a full-fledged team. The team of developers keenly builds the idea of the app and works their way through to developing a robust app.

Around-the-Clock Chat Support

Keeping up with our clients we have created an alerted chat support system. Whether anyone has queries or is looking for the Mobile app development cost the team answers efficiently. Our representatives are immersed in tech knowledge so there are no layman answers.

Engaging Meetings and Solutions

We have worked immensely in building our mobile app developers’ team. From the first day of application till the last, we attempt to make it a smooth experience and make sure clients do not face any hindrances.

All Mobile App Development Solutions

From creating a type of app to now an all-rounder Mobile App Development Solutions. We work on all kinds of operating platforms such as iOS as well as Android. Our app developers are experienced in developing native, cross-platform, blockchain, hybrid apps, and more.

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To decide the final cost of an app, it has to go through a number of breakdowns. It is important to know what is involved and all the factors that influence app development. it includes the type of app, tech stack, features and more.

It depends on a number of factors and the requirement of the client. However, the average time to develop an app depends on around 6-12 months.

The app development company plays an important role as they complete the project. The company has professional app developers who are aware of technical knowledge and also know how to fix bugs.

Custom app development is a method used to design apps to cater to specific needs and fulfill the requirement of the clients.

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